Aquascope and drones in action for science – tv report

Our team together with the team of Mirko Kovac had the pleasure to show the technology we currently use to investigate plankton communities in Lake Greifen. This time besides diving deep in the water, we also took off with our drone and tested the new equipment under real conditions.

The video is available at the 3Sat Mediathek here:

Aquascope team in RSI

From left: Francesco Pomati and Alberto Silini
Copyright: A. Silini

Alberto Sili from Radiotelevision Svizzera went with us to our weekly monitoring at Greifensee, where Francesco Pomati shared some insights of our work with the underwater microscope. To watch the report click the image below:

Also to see at:




Aquascope in Swiss TV

SRF visited us last week to talk about algal blooms in Swiss lakes and our monitoring project at Greifensee. Francesco Pomati (Eawag) and Elisabeth Janssen (Eawag) talked about the problematic of cyanobacteria toxicity that will gain importance in the face of rising temperatures.
Watch the PULS reportage (in German) from 9th of September 2019 at the following link: