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Francesco POMATI (EAWAG)

I have broad interests in microbial community ecology and evolution. I aim at understanding the effects of human-induced environmental change on plankton biodiversity, and the consequences of biodiversity change for aquatic ecosystem functioning. I approach community ecology from a trait-based perspective to link individual and population responses to community and ecosystem level processes. To achieve the above goals, I apply or develop new tools for studying microbial communities in their natural environment.

project team

esteban acevedo-trejos (ZMT)

stuart dennis (eawag)

I am an evolutionary biologist and with a strong focus on aquatic ecology, in particular waterfleas (Daphnia). My research interests focus on how organisms interact with the world around them, how diversity arises and is maintained, and how genomic organisation, genetic architecture, hormonal signalling / physiological processes combine to coordinate those processes.


I use machine learning and statistical physics methods to tackle problems with large available datasets, and which involve a large number of interacting agents. I am also interested in the interaction between dynamics and energy / loss function landscape in systems with a large number of variables, ranging from toy models to deep neural networks.

Ewa merz (eawag)

To sze-wing / debbie (zmt)


marta reyes (eawag)

I am an Aquatic Ecologist, working as a Research Technician, broadly interested in aquatic foodweb dynamics and ecosystem processes as well as in their responses to environmental change and human impacts. I have worked with several groups of organism in the past, including fishes and macroinvertebrates, but I am currently most fascinated by the beauty of phytoplankton.

Christian ebi (eawag)

With a background as an electrical engineer I work as technician across departments. My main task is the support of research groups in questions related to Wireless data transmission, sensor networks, sensors and electronics. The fieldwork includes deploying, testing, maintenance and optimization of measurement systems in the field of water research.

thea kozakiewicz (eawag)

Project partners at UCSD

Jules S. Jaffe

Dr. Jaffe received a B.A. Cum Laude from SUNY at Buffalo (Physics) in 1973, a M.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (Biomedical Information Science) in 1974, and a Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley (Biophysics) 1982. His interests include Image and signal processing science, development of 3-dimensional in-situ sensors for oceanography (optical and sonar). Underwater optical and sonar imaging. Biomedical imaging. Autonomous vehicle development.

Paul L. D. Roberts

Paul has been member of the Jaffe lab since 2000 when he joined as a undergraduate intern. He has a BS in Computer Engineering (2002), M. S. in Electrical Engineering (2004), and PhD in Electrical Engineering (Applied Ocean Science) (2009) all from UCSD. He has worked as a development engineer in the Jaffe Lab since 2010. His main interests are underwater microscopy, underwater imaging, oceanographic instrument design, signal and image processing, computer vision, and machine learning.